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  • BrianC: 8hrs until I leave for the M&G and start the weekend.
    Today at 08:53:16 AM
  • k8ekol: Why am I awake already? This day needs more coffee.  If you see a crazy lady in the lobby just back away slowly until she's gotten her fix.
    Today at 08:45:35 AM
  • KPK: That being said I might have to start drinking earlier than planned....
    Today at 08:18:48 AM
  • KPK: Ugh.... Stupid people hurt my head. AND I DONT EVEN HAVE A HANGOVER!
    Today at 08:17:50 AM
  • Charismaryllis: Bags. Under eyes. Bleurgh...
    Today at 08:11:21 AM
  • Garrison: Bringing the party with you cala?
    Today at 06:47:40 AM
  • Lady Cala: T-minus 84 minutes until we hit the door! :D
    Today at 06:36:55 AM
  • ktetch: its 330am and i'm still busy prepping
    Today at 03:26:38 AM
  • k8ekol: I was on the far side of the bar by the railings looking to the lower floors. The SO found some of his 501st friends he hadn't seen in a couple of years.
    Today at 02:13:58 AM
  • KPK: Mortal, Trathor and I were at the Hyatt bar until it closed.
    Today at 01:44:41 AM
  • Vayliya: Unpacked and organized! Woot!
    Today at 01:27:26 AM
  • Bama Bellatrix: and I'm a bit intoxicated
    Today at 12:48:45 AM
  • Bama Bellatrix: k8ekol where are you
    Today at 12:48:18 AM
  • Garrison: such as guns knives baseball bats chains and rubbers
    Today at 12:44:03 AM
  • Garrison: way to rub it in our face, :P but stil be responsible and use protection when you need to.
    Today at 12:41:47 AM
  • k8ekol: Almost 1:00 am at the Pulse lounge and the party is still going strong
    Today at 12:40:32 AM
  • shios: I just got home from work and have to leave in 3 hours. Looks like I'm sleeping during the 8-hour car ride
    Today at 12:34:38 AM
  • k8ekol: Oh man, that's no good Vondor
    Today at 12:31:12 AM
  • Garrison: cant sleep
    Today at 12:11:08 AM
  • Vondor: I'm sitting in my living room.  emailing my boss back and forth.  I have to call him tomorrow from the convention for a conference call.
    Yesterday at 10:56:35 PM
  • o0MadScience0o: k8ekol We are in the booth. Bella and her buddy and me and my wife.
    Yesterday at 10:28:50 PM
  • k8ekol: Someone was just waving at me but I have horrible distance vision. Was it one of y'all?
    Yesterday at 10:04:47 PM
  • EnB_Aetherforged: Is there already a lot of setup going on for the con?
    Yesterday at 09:54:51 PM
  • Bama Bellatrix: anyone in the pulse bar i have a steampunk hat ob
    Yesterday at 09:46:54 PM
  • k8ekol: I'm stalking. Looking from pulse, second booth from left?
    Yesterday at 09:46:20 PM
  • Joshua: yes
    Yesterday at 09:44:39 PM
  • k8ekol: Are y'all still in the booth?
    Yesterday at 09:41:32 PM
  • EnB_Aetherforged: We envy you folks that are already at the host hotels :P
    Yesterday at 09:29:42 PM
  • o0MadScience0o: I'm in all grey. Glasses. Poke me if I walk by.
    Yesterday at 09:18:44 PM
  • Joshua: wearing run or dye tshirt
    Yesterday at 09:12:39 PM
  • Joshua: we r sitting in a booth with a tv in ot
    Yesterday at 09:12:20 PM
  • o0MadScience0o: We're in our way there Joshua. Look for the lanky guy with long hair. :P
    Yesterday at 08:58:42 PM
  • KPK: Really? There wasn't many people when I was there
    Yesterday at 08:54:08 PM
  • Joshua: at pulse bar. way more ppl than expected
    Yesterday at 08:43:11 PM
  • o0MadScience0o: Super awesome!
    Yesterday at 08:29:33 PM
  • Garrison: awesome?
    Yesterday at 08:25:50 PM
  • o0MadScience0o: I'm on the 55th floor of the Westin FREAKING OUT!! lol
    Yesterday at 08:24:56 PM
  • k8ekol: Ahhhhhh!!! We're here!!! And now I need food lol
    Yesterday at 08:12:57 PM
  • Garrison: anyone kicking aroung?
    Yesterday at 08:07:49 PM
  • Garrison: 11 hours will I hit the road
    Yesterday at 08:02:02 PM

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