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  • BrianC: Weekend before DC and costumes are behind schedule, emergency trip to The Engineer Guy and Norcosto to get supplies.
    Today at 04:34:42 PM
  • Charismaryllis: Ally from DCTV rather.  Or wherever.
    Today at 12:16:03 PM
  • Charismaryllis: No, i think starlady is ally from tech ops..? I've just been reading (and filching from) reddit a lot lately. ;)
    Today at 12:14:31 PM
  • w0lver: are you starlady on reddit?  I just saw that post on reddit and here it is
    Today at 11:47:24 AM
  • Charismaryllis: FoBW added back into the sched, 10 pm Fri-Sun, university room, hyatt.
    Today at 11:34:13 AM
  • Nightshadeisis: Gah....all this talk of Ogres...Jay, remind me when we get back I need to look into pricing.  I still need to add return to my throwing stars.  Adding Ice Elemental isn't gonna do much good if I have to keep buying stock in them THEN adding Elemental.  Talk about a constant waste of money.  I can't remember the pricing.
    Today at 11:13:14 AM
  • w0lver: never tried it but does the Die Hard jet lag cure work?  I just take a sleeping pill and reset the clock
    Today at 11:08:35 AM
  • The Browneye: Man I got an oger slaying knife it's got a +9 ogers!!!!!
    Today at 10:34:19 AM
  • mist: I've been back over 3 days and jet lag is still kicking my butt. Advice?
    Today at 09:54:11 AM
  • Trathor: I attack the darkness.
    Today at 09:47:24 AM
  • Trathor: But if there are any girls there....
    Today at 08:49:19 AM
  • Oni Kataki: A +10?! man that is better than my knife of Ogre Slaying, it has a +9 against Ogres:)
    Today at 03:16:04 AM
  • Frost422: i usually rock Black Mage from FF series. I've upgraded this year and added a staff. I've also put together a  Dr. Horrible costume.
    Today at 02:19:33 AM
    Today at 02:18:44 AM
  • Trathor: Robyn... You mean form PM?  Upper right corner.
    Today at 01:45:16 AM
  • robyn5201: For the love of all that is Holy.....i can't figure out how to check my pm on mobile.  HALP!!
    Yesterday at 11:29:35 PM
  • Trathor: Vote! [link]
    Yesterday at 11:09:47 PM
  • Charismaryllis: Get it checked; you don't want to end up with permanent damage. :(
    Yesterday at 10:52:08 PM
  • Vayliya: but lots of pain today
    Yesterday at 10:36:57 PM
  • Vayliya: Hand was numb yesterday in my pinkie and ring fingers
    Yesterday at 10:36:39 PM
  • w0lver: carpal leans more to numbness and tingling, pain would be more tendonitis
    Yesterday at 10:21:12 PM
  • Vayliya: I either have carpal tunnel or arthritis....not a fan of either scenario...let's just hope it's overuse.
    Yesterday at 10:15:17 PM
  • Trathor: Oni Kataki, +10 Karma for sticking it to the man and coming to DragonCon
    Yesterday at 09:52:15 PM
  • Darthkat76: Yup, it was lemon-lime gatorade.
    Yesterday at 08:50:39 PM
  • w0lver: Tequlia and the Lime gatorade is a pretty good low rent 'rita
    Yesterday at 08:02:42 PM
  • Charismaryllis: :o
    Yesterday at 07:34:46 PM
  • Darthkat76: I'm trying out Mezcal and gatorade. Pretty interesting so far.
    Yesterday at 07:13:39 PM
  • Skippy2k: I ordered something a couple of days ago with fast shipping but it said wouldn't be shipped untill the 3rd...I messaged them and they went ahead and shipped it. :)  I print my approved vacation time anymore so they can't try and pull that kind of switcharoo.
    Yesterday at 05:14:22 PM
  • Oni Kataki: Score one for Dragon Con! :)
    Yesterday at 05:00:29 PM
  • Oni Kataki: My boss was telling me today, there was no record of me taking Sep 5th off. Told him I did and was approved, said he gave the day off to someone else. I went to our time clock(which gives a digital message approving or denying time off request on file until we delete it) Showed him I was approved on 6/30. all he could do was say "Go somewhere else for vacation andwalked away defeated lol
    Yesterday at 04:59:53 PM
  • Charismaryllis: the windows phone thing is out  [link]
    Yesterday at 04:57:18 PM
  • Joshua: Ha. Similar issue. They r ticked i took off thru the eighth
    Yesterday at 04:04:11 PM
  • BrianC: my beard & mustache hopefully will get here in time.  I ordered them 8/18 and they didn't ship them until 8/26.  I paid for faster shipping, so I guess they thought they could wait. :(
    Yesterday at 02:59:44 PM
  • Charismaryllis: your workplace will get over it. :)
    Yesterday at 02:31:07 PM
  • Oni Kataki: My workplace hates me because after a few hours tomorrow, I will not be back to work until the 9th :)
    Yesterday at 01:58:30 PM
  • Trathor: Hmmnnnnn. I wonder who did that? :-P
    Yesterday at 01:22:20 PM
  • Charismaryllis: whoa, somebody negated the negative karma. :)
    Yesterday at 12:53:18 PM
  • Trathor: Last time there was a hurricane/ tropical depression, a lot of gas stations ran out of gas.  Make sure you fill up early and often on your way to the Con if you are driving.   [link]
    Yesterday at 11:06:15 AM
  • Trathor: yeah, the best best best people to get on the forum are cool people you know from IRL
    Yesterday at 11:03:49 AM
  • Trathor: yay!
    Yesterday at 11:03:35 AM

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